November Feature Wine of the Month – 2021 Amos Shiraz

September 9, 2022

2021 Amos Shiraz

November Feature Wine of the Month: 2021 Amos Shiraz

This cooler weather has us reaching for the red to keep us warm, and there is nothing better than a glass of our premium label Amos Shiraz.

Shiraz is an expressive red wine grape that produces a bold wine with an intense flavour profile and complex tasting notes. It is one of the most planted grapes in Australia.

Shiraz features a beautiful deep-red hue with an intense flavour and a bold palate of black pepper, dark fruit, rich red fruit and earthy flavours.

On the nose, it has a strong blackberry and oak aroma with faint hints of ripe fruit. On the palate, Shiraz wine has a beautiful length that is characterised by tobacco, black olives, red fruit, and earthy flavours of truffle and coffee.

Australian Shiraz pairs best with grilled or roasted meaty dishes.

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