“Look after the soil and the soil will look after you!”

We believe a regenerative approach to enhancing soil health improves water use efficiency, reduces the reliance on synthetic chemicals and overall improves grape and wine quality.


Sustainability Management objectives:

  • Trending towards organic fertilizers and non-chemical weed control techniques to manage vine health, inter-vine groundcover, build soil ecology, increase soil health through under vine cultivation as well as mid row cropping.
  • Use strategic grazing techniques (predominantly sheep) to manage weeds and build soil health amongst the vineyard.
  • Create diverse, functional inter row cover crops to increase soil health and diversity.
  • Implement baseline beneficial athropod monitoring
  • Monitor and control weeds impacting vine production.
  • Introduce runner ducks/or geese to manage snail numbers impacting vines.
  • Summer cropping in hay paddocks to provide beneficial insectary habitat, but also increase organic matter, improve soil health, improve crop diversity, herbicide resistant week control.
  • Restore creek lines, dam surrounds and drainage lines to native vegetation by continuing removal of woody and grassy weeds (arum lily, willow suckers, broom, wild olive, phalaris and blackberry) and implementing further replanting programs, including beneficial insect species such as Prickly Tea Tree Leptospermum continentale and SA Christmas bush Bursaria spinosa along buffers.
  • Improve habitat diversity for woodland bird, microbats and beneficial insect species by creating native vegetation stepping stones/refuges (grasslands, woodlands, riparian) across the property. Include key revegetation species, i.e. SA Christmas bush Bursaria spinosa, various native grasses and common oak-bush Allocasuarina muelleriana ssp muelleriana.
  • Create a wildflower insectary garden with a diverse range of colourful native understorey seedlings, which look good and demonstrate the importance of diversity in the vineyard.


Flows for the Future participants

As a productive and sustainable business we need health water catchments. The Flows for the Future Program aims to improve the health and resilience of catchments in the Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges (EMLR). The design and restoration of ‘low flows’ on dams and watercourse diversions, the program is restoring more natural stream flows throughout the stream systems that bring life to the EMLR. There are more than 8000 damns in the EMLR alone. These devices allow low flows of water to pass around dams into the streamline below during natural periods of flow (via rainfall, run off etc).  Low flows are crucial for sustaining a minimum level of catchment health. We know that one of the biggest causes of deteriorating health in the Mount Lofty Ranges is the absence of low flows and the Flows for the Future program is working hard to reinstate this critical water flow pattern. We have completed this installation with the Government of South Australia.

Foundation Member with Hills Biodiversity Program 

Hills Biodiversity utilises experienced bushcarers to guide and assist the protection of remnant native vegetation, removal of pest species in order to increase native biodiversity.

Stage 1: 2020 Completed removal of foreign species from our water course at Howard Vineyard

Stage 2: 2021 Commitment to plant 1200 native bushes and trees per year for the next 3 years at Howard Vineyard or our Beautiful Valley vineyard. To replace the non-native species and replace lost flora from the Adelaide Hills bushfire.

The Hills Biodiversity group is mobilising to prevent species loss across the Adelaide Hills region. This specifically aligns with our planned increase in vineyard size of roughly 15000 vines to be planted per year for the next 3 years.

Wildlife for Wine – In conjunction with Hills Biodiversity, Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Board and Government of South Australia.

At Howard Vineyard, over the past 20 years we have built a reputation for premium grape growing in the Adelaide Hills; one of Australia’s most exciting regions. As winemakers we understand that working with nature is paramount, as we continue to grow grapes more holistically, building soil health and restoring landscape ecology. As a family owned wine company, we are committed to ensuring we act in a responsible and sustainable manner by applying a holistic approach to environmental management we aim to achieve sustainable land and biodiversity management outcomes for the present and the future.


Over the past 20 plus years, the community has supported us through thick and thin, through bushfires and global pandemics. Without our community support we would not be where we are today. We have selected some organisations that align with our company values, goals and motivations, and have developed ongoing relationships with them, in a small effort to give back to our community.

8 Year Partnership with Can: Do4Kids

Can: Do4Kids formed in 1874 to provide support and services to children, young people and their families, who are blind, deaf, have low vision, are hard of hearing, or have sensory needs. We work together to help them communicate better, connect easier, and live their best lives.

Dinner in the Dark  is the flagship fundraising event for Can: Do4Kids. The evening begins on the terrace at the National Wine Centre with pre-dinner drinks from Howard Vineyard and many other premium South Australian wineries, coupled with fresh oyster shucking from International Oysters and Seafood. Guests continued to mingle as the sun set with live music in the background from the amazingly talented Rachael Leachar, providing the perfect setting for the highly-anticipated night of nights. After a proud performance of Welcome to Country from Senior Aboriginal Man and descendant of the Karuna (Adelaide Plains) and Narrunga (York Peninsula) peoples, Uncle Mickey O’Brien, the guests were ushered into the main room – eagerly awaiting what was to come next.  The blindfolded guests were treated to a three-course dinner created by Executive Chef Steven Clark, using the best local produce matched with many excellent South Australian wines. The expertly -paired meals provided guests with an exclusive culinary journey while giving them a unique insight into what it is like to live every day without vision. More than $120,000 was raised on the night to support Can: Do4Kids.  Dinner in the Dark 2022: Friday 6 May. 

100% of Anzac Day Trade donated to Legacy  

Legacy offer support to returning service men and women and their families. Anzac Day is not a usual day of trade for Howard Vineyard, however in 2021 we decided to throw open the doors for a full day of trade. With the decision to donate 100% of revenue generated on this day to be donated to Legacy. This was a small token of our thanks for the assistance we received from the men and women at the Woodside Army Barracks in the wake of the recent bushfires in the Adelaide Hills.  We were very proud to present a cheque valued at more than $11000, this was made up of 100% of trade revenue from opening on Anzac Day and the generous donations of our guests over the ANZAC weekend. Thank you!

Cystic Fibrosis Australia

Cystic Fibrosis Australia is the peak consumer body for people living with cystic fibrosis. They focus on collaborative programmes and research, funding partnerships and advocacy. Everyone at CFA is committed to improving clinical practice and patient outcomes with the aim of extending life expectancy from 47-55 years by 2025. CFA supports the broad CF community through advocacy across Australia and is now a subject matter expert for government , industry  and the media. We also support state and territory CF bodies who provide valuable services to the CF community.  They work tirelessly to raise the profile of cystic fibrosis nationally and takes key messages to government, business and the health and community sectors to ensure these groups understand and appreciate the challenged people with CF face. These include key issues such as drug affordability and availability, mental health, infection control, gene testing and access to the best medical and allied health services.

The 65 Roses Ball is of of Adelaide’s premiere charity events and the major fundraiser of the year supporting Cystic Fibrosis South Australia. The 65 Roses Ball is the biggest fundraising and awareness event, annually raising over $80000. As they are not government funded CF  rely solely on the generosity and support of our community.  Howard Vineyard donates Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay to this Ball each year. In 2020 this Ball was held in a virtual format, in 2021 they are hoping to go back to the original format.

Ongoing Silver Sponsorship of Nairne Football Club

Ongoing Sponsorship of Old Collegians Rugby Club

Ongoing Sponsorship of Glenelg Cricket Club

Multiple wine donations for various charities/worthy causes each year